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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 944 Pr Historical

Instructions and Help about Form 944 Pr Historical

So now that you know you can e-file form 941 with text bandits would you like to learn how to do so step 1 log in to your tech spendest account and click form 941 under forms if you just created your account you'll bypass this step because you'll automatically be taken to the list of available forms to get started next it's time to fill in those employer details you can either select from an existing employer in your account or add a new one in addition to the details shown you'll also provide the employer address contact details and signing authority now it's time to choose a texture in filing order as you can see you can choose between the current tax year or the most recent previous one so select the year from the drop-down box then click the start filing button in the box that corresponds with the quarter for which you need to file an anaphor the one form next you'll fill in a series of boxes and answer questions to provide your wage and tax information for the quarter don't worry in these sections text bandits won't let you keep moving forward if you enter something in the wrong box you may even find that our streamlined process is more simple and straightforward than filling out those paper forms now that you've entered in your information to complete your 941 form you'll have the option to pay any taxes currently due to the IRS before your deadline you'll probably notice - there's a summary of the information you've entered so far to the right of your screen you can click the edit button in this section to go back and make any changes or click the go to tech summary button to view more details about your 941 form taxes there are also some questions on your text deposit schedule and indicate whether your business closed you stopped paying wages you sold your business or you're a seasonal employer who doesn't need to file for every quarter on the subsequent pages if you have a third party designee you like the IRS to discuss this form with you can also include their contact information before completing the process before you go on to sign your form 941 you'll be able to review your information and your data will be sent through a quick review to ensure any obvious errors are taken care of next part requires your online signature if you already have an online signature pin make sure you select that tab from this tab you can also request a signature pin if you'd like just keep in mind that the process to receive this pin and have it activate it takes about 45 days in the meantime after you've requested a pin you can use form 84 53 EMP to sign your form 941 by selecting the use form 84 53 EMP on this page once that sign all that's left to do is take care of your one-time transmittal fee from the first payment screen you can choose whether you'd like to pay for just this one order or if you'd like to prepay for a year's worth of quarters at a 10% discount you will enter your credit card details review everything one more time then it's time to hit the transmit button and send your form 941 securely to the IRS so there you have it it's all pretty easy when it comes down to it but if you have any questions at all about form 941 and the e filing process please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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