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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 944 Pr Fringe

Instructions and Help about Form 944 Pr Fringe

Music hi my friends great question from Tracy and you know what I'm so happy that a lot of you are loving cutting the twisting fringe how you twist cut the fringe now Tracy has a great question on it buzz because apparently there's some issues and I've got the solution for you Tracy I love the twist bank odd but some turn out better than others is this because of where the part is Tracy yes sometimes it can be where the part is but a lot of times it's about how you're twisting it the angle and the degree of elevation that you have I want to warn you you always keep the degree of elevation low never elevate it so you keep it as low as you can allow me to demonstrate I'll give you two types to do here okay so let's go through i pre suction it for you so you can watch the technique in the method okay we're going to come through when you cut the twist of Fringe you always start with the hair in your cutting hand so if you're right-handed the hair goes in your right hand if you're left-handed my friends it goes in your left hand now we're gonna come through and I'm gonna go down just so that you can really see what it is that I can that I'm doing here now notice how I place that in my right hand my cutting hand and notice that my elevation is low first that I need you to be aware of this you have to understand the placement of your hand where you place it it's going to be the end result of the length secondly it needs to be a horizontal placement of your finger angle your right hand if you don't have a horizontal you're gonna have one side that tilts one side shorter than the other so I want to remember that now let's go to technique watch this so take a look at my hand it's nice and horizontal look at the placement of my combs see how horizontal that is so what's so cool about this is the way that you're going in and doing this okay now I can see you have to be aware you're sectioning is critical now I can see I'm a little bit wider on this side so I'm going to come back and just readjust my sectioning right to the corner of that right there that's better okay not gonna stand in front of you and claim that I'm perfect my friends I will make a mistake but I always believed it's only a mistake if I don't learn from it if I learn from it it's no longer a mistake here we go watch a technique now okay very important that the head is in an upright position and I'm gonna go with my right hand first here once you're there point to the bridge of the nose now once you're here peace symbol I love you guys come in let your hand replace right over that it's so important that it replaces the same angle that you have see that I'm not changing or adjusting this angle when you do that Tracy you've adjusted the line you're cutting so you want to come in same way your fingers placed in just slide out and turn so now can you see that's why you start with it in your right hand now you simply come through and I want you to cut a horizontal line so you come through you cut a horizontal line now here's what's so cool about this when you go in and do this look how I'm keeping that elevation very very minimal I'm not going in and elevating at all it's just my one finger degree of elevation and I have there when you go through when you complete this will set your baseline in then you can go back in you can clean up what you need to clean up but what's so cool about this when you release this you get this French that does this it goes long again you get this roundness that just wraps right around it's so perfect it's easy to do so remember the technique and the method the mechanics of how you're doing I think is what might be causing the problem let's take another one for example let's say you want to go to a side part and you're working with a side part okay so now let's go through you do the same thing and we're talking about the part but set up the part find out where are they part left side right side if they part in the middle if they want something full and remember your blow dry sets up these fringes I want to understand something always always cut your friend just dry do not cut them short now watch this one okay I'm going to pretend she parts her hair on our left side okay so now watch what I'm going to do with my body my body needs to come to this side of the mannequin okay this side so I'm just gonna move right there for you so you can see that now watch I want you to stand on the short side and you're gonna do the same thing you did but you're going to comb everything right over to you so I want you to be aware of that now watch what's going to happen this is gonna be the horsey part sit I'm going to take everything over to this side release the hair that you don't need okay now we're gonna come through remember when you twist you start the twist with your cutting hand so I'm gonna place my hand horizontally where I desire to have that length once you're here I want you to twist away.

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