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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 944 Pr Filers

Instructions and Help about Form 944 Pr Filers

Once you're done paying your payroll taxes at the end of each quarter and annually you will have to prepare some payroll tax forms just to make sure that you are paying in the correct amount of taxes so the forms that we're going to look at are the w3 w to the WT 6 & 9 40 and the 941 so anytime you have to make a 941 tax for a 940 tax what we would do is write a check fill out this coupon and go in the Ovilus to the type of tax I know it's hard to see but this would be the 941 there's a 940 tax you would oval in what tax you're paying this for and what quarter it would be applied to so the IRS can make sure that you're paying in the correct amount of taxes what we do now instead of filling out the 80 109 we actually go online to EFTPS gov log in and have the money taken out electronically from your checking account so this would be for a nine forty one or 940 tax this is federal not state so to make sure that you are paying in the correct amount of federal income tax and Social Security and Medicare you would have to fill out a nine forty one form and it is quarterly so every quarter you want to make sure that you summarize what your wages were as well as how much federal income tax you have withheld from your employees paychecks as well as Social Security and Medicare wages for the 940 tax that's for the federal unemployment not state but federal you would complete this form on an annual basis just to make sure that you are depositing the correct amount of federal unemployment to the IRS and this can also be done at EFTPS gov that the depositing of the 940 um tax the wt6 actually we used to have these coupons for Wisconsin state withholding how much did you withheld for the month and then you would write a check and insert and close this coupon what do we do now we go to the website log in tell it what what tax your pain and how much for the month this is a w3 but let me talk about a w-2 first on a w-2 many of you may have gotten a w-2 form in January what it does is it summarizes how much in for income you made for the entire year in this case this was for Jane Doe her 2022 wages how much she made how much federal income tax was taken out Social Security and Medicare so if this the big company had five employees if you added up all five employees paychecks you would summarize all of your wages for that year on this form okay so w3 is a summary of all of the company's w-2s okay so these two kind of go together the employee would get this as well as there's other copies so you would have to file this with the federal government you have to file a w-2 with the state government you'd keep a copy for your records and you give three copies at least to your employees okay.

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