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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 944 Pr Designee

Instructions and Help about Form 944 Pr Designee

Welcome to the 1099 ET c program this tutorial covers efiling the NY is 45 form parts AB&C using f set in a MSP role to begin the pair ABC payroll has been created the pair's data has been entered and verified first open the payer in a MSP role if the tax payments are going to be made using the f set system the banking information needs to be set up also we need to make sure the payers phone number is entered click peer select pay or edit select the miscellaneous tab enter the pair's phone number click the check nigga tab enter the bank's nine digit routing number click Edit enter the bank account number the tax payments will be withdrawn from this account if they are included when a filing you can leave the default nickname or create your own click OK to continue click OK to save the banking information now we are ready to e-file the NY is 45 form using F set click forms select see print state court early return for your records we recommend that you print out the NY is 45 form to verify the data select for print using software generated forms click Next select the quarter place a check beside file and why is 45 parts a B and C using F set click OK make the appropriate selections click prepare enter the prepare information the fields that are required when he finally using F set our firm name phone address city state and zip SSN or pizza and ein once all required data is entered click back click OK enter the required fields solder name Tuttle phone sign date and email click OK if there are tax payments this screen will display verify that the payment amounts are correct check the unemployment and or income tax to include in the file if the amounts are not correct cancel and recheck endure correct the information if there are no payments to this screen will not display once the payments have been selected click OK to continue we do recommend that you print and review a copy of the en NY is 45 form for your records prior to e-filing click print when prompted to post payments make sure to do this only ones if you post the payments and then have to start the e-file over again you will need to omit the posted deposits first click OK if the tax payments are included in the e-file f set will be added as a comment to the deposit screen if both unemployment insurance and income tax payments are included you will be prompted once for the UI tax payment and once for the IT tax payment to post the unemployment deposit click OK click OK to post the ID payment the client letter can be printed and will reflect that the en NY is 45 45 was filed using EFT set it will also list the tax payments if anywhere included in the e-file click print to continue or quit if you choose not to print the client letter next you will be prompted to submit the file via f set double check and make sure the tax payments are correct if you are unsure of filing at this time click in 0 omit the posted deposits and begin the e-file process again click yes to continue at this point the NY is 45 information has been assigned a batch number and has been sent to the third party vendor processing will not begin until the badge is confirmed to confirm the batch check the box in front of the batch number and click pay selected batches once the batches confirmed it cannot be cancelled in processing will begin if you want the batch to be processed click yes click OK notice that the status has changed from unpaid to paid paid indicates that the processing on the batch has begun as the batch goes through processing it will receive various itemized status messages including queued shipped and completed if at any time a rejected status is received the error in the batch will need to be corrected and resubmitted close the e-file services screen the batch processing will take a few days because of this we do recommend that you confirm the batch at least two days prior to the filing due date by 6 p.m. eastern standard time 'if Eiling completed means that the state has received the file in most cases after the completed status if the file has errors the batch will get a rejected status within 2 business days otherwise the completed status will be the final status received and will indicate that the batch has been finalized to check the batch status select payer and then e-file services to update the itemized status messages click on the batch number the status messages will be updated in this example if a rejected status is not received within 2 business days of the filing complete status the batch processing is complete for further questions please review the frequently asked questions on our website or please refer to the help files for additional information technical support can be reached by email fax chat or phone thank you for using the 1099 etc program have a great day.

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