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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 944 Pr Wont

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 944 Pr Wont

Hi my name is Nick DeCarlo senior investment partner with the car o and associates and today I'm going to show you why you should sell your real estate note to my company it can be summed up in two words it's easy number one we are not a bank that we're not going to make you fill out any lengthy forms we're not going to give you any red tape we're not going to give you the runaround you will be assigned to one person throughout the entire process it's that easy number two you will be guaranteed of top tier pricing we have multiple sources of capital in excess of 50 million dollars and because we're a small company we have a low overhead and a small stuff that translates to more money for you number three nothing will change for the payers everything will stay the same the only difference is they will send their payment to a different address that's it people call me all the time having concerns about this issue and I assure them that we would be a fool if we change anything on them because ultimately they're our customer another reason you should go with us is we have creative purchase options which are not available from other companies suppose you have an immediate need for cash but you don't want to sell your entire real estate note there's ways that we can pull some cash out of your note and you can still retain an equity interest in that note down the road we call it a partial purchase or I like to call renting your note there's many different ways that we can solve your cash needs another reason you should go with us is we don't charge for closing costs there's no points no fees we pay for everything from start to finish and lastly we make it easy for you you can sign all the paperwork at an office in your hometown you can choose an attorney of your choice or choose a title or escrow company we make it easy you can just drive down 10-15 minutes down the road sign the paperwork and get cash right on the spot they'll give you a cashier's check or a wire transfer as soon as you sign right on the dotted line we pride ourselves at being unique and being able to fund the deals that our competition have turned down if you've been turned down give us a call we love to explore your cash options today you.

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