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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 944 Pr Ut

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 944 Pr Ut

They're smart drivers Rick with smart drive test talking to you today about the American log book in the information that goes around the American log book a couple of things you need to keep in mind average speeds if you get pulled into the weigh scale you get pulled over by authorities they're going to determine your average speed and potentially you could get a speeding ticket you don't want to get a speeding ticket you don't want to get a violation because if you do unfortunately you're going to end up working the day for free you don't want to work the day for free so we're going to show you how to correctly fill out the logbook we are right back with that information smart drivers Rick with smart drive test talking to you today about filling out the information around the graph on the American logbook the first thing that you can see here on the log sheet is the date the date is fairly self-explanatory month/day/year as well on this log sheet there's a beginning and an end date if you have several days off duty you can put them all on one log sheet so if you're off from the 14th to 21st of September put 14 September 2022 in the top one and then 21st September 2022 in the bottom one as well put a line all the way across line for off-duty and write in big letters on the graph off duty that way authorities if they look at your log sheet will know that you had been off duty for several days consecutively the next thing on the log sheet is the address of your home terminal you can see the address here in the space for the address there's two reasons that you need to put the address of your home terminal first it's determine if you do need a logbook you can figure out the address of your home terminal and determine if you were running farther than 100 miles radius from that home terminal and that you do in fact need a logbook if you are running less than a hundred miles you don't need a logbook but the company is required to keep timesheets to determine the hours that you are running second the address of your home terminal also determines the time zone that you're working if you're working as a long-haul truck driver out of California you run to New York you're going to cross three time zones you need to keep your logbook according to the time zone in California where your home terminal is so the home address also determines the time zone in which you're working and authorities can then figure that out on your log sheet so the time zone always work in the time zone of your home terminal employee number some companies will have an employee number other companies most of the time it'll just be the unit number for your truck or bus drivers name your first name and your last name on the log sheet print your Co driver's name also if you have a co-driver if you're running team you need to put that on as well along the right side of the log you can see a recap for your work cycle sixty hours and 7 days or 70 hours in 8 days and you can keep track of that there as well there's another video that I have created about calculating your work cycle and I'll put a card up here for you to show you the video on how to determine your work cycle just one point that I will make about your work cycle is is that it is a rolling work cycle so if you're working 70 hours and 8 days for example the hours that you work nine days ago cross off and those are added to the bottom of your work cycle so it's a continuous rolling work cycle in order to reset that work cycle you need to take 34 hours off duty and in that 34 hours off duty you have to have two one to five a.m. periods off duty so essentially what they're trying to do the authorities are trying to get you to do is to take two nights rest to reset your work cycle before you go back to work and again there's another video resetting your work cycle and you can find that here I'll put a card up for you Pro number and shipping numbers these are the manifest numbers the manifest is or the bills of lading are the contract between the people who own the freight who hired the trucking company to move the freight and you need to sign it saying that you took responsibility for the freight that went on your vehicle whether your boss - your truck and then you delivered it to the address where you need to deliver it to the receiver they sign your building say that they in fact received it you hand your bills of lading in to your company and they're allowed to build the for the cost of transporting that Freight consequently the company gets paid and you get paid so make sure you put on the bills of lading number because it's also a backup just in case the bills of lading go missing for the bills of lading the pro bills there's inward and outbound so if you go out take a load out you bring a load back there's going to be two bills of lading a place here on the log sheet for the total miles that you drove for the day this is important because the authorities will determine the average speed that you drove for the date the average speed for the day will be determined by taking line three which is the total hours that you drove driving time taking the.

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