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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 944 Pr Statutory

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 944 Pr Statutory

Hi in today's video I'm going to show you how to fill in the supplementary form statutory declaration and new of guarantor now this form is used in conjunction with either an adult general application for a Canadian passport or a child general application for a Canadian passport this forum is primarily used when an applicant is within transit or they're in a country where they do not normally reside and where they are struggling to find a guarantor to complete their application form a regular guarantor can me normally a Canadian passport holder in Canada which can include friends and family or if you are applying outside of Canada you can also include a barrier list of occupations that can sign now those individuals that sign on occupation basis they're not judged on their citizenship or nationality solely judged on their occupation that they practice within the country that you would reside in so for example if they're in the United Kingdom they have to be practicing the occupation United Kingdom they can't be someone s let's say a medical doctor in Singapore but they're in the digits happened to be in the United Kingdom whilst you're having your applications fielding they have to actually practice within the country the jurisdiction where you'll be AB see actually be a submitting your application it's quite exhaustive list over guarantors that you can find on an occupation basis but they're primarily medical doctors dentists veterinarians pharmacists lawyers banks lining offices Dean or head of universities or colleges and judges but you can look at the exhaustive list within the instructions of either the adult general application or the child general application form so section one applicants personal information so here you're gonna pryour details so first of all it's surname or otherwise your last name that you fit into this field then it's your given names so it can be just your first name or if you have a middle name you also list that as well especially important if that's also on your passport previous or desired new passport then you list here your date of birth your place of birth which is split into two sections so the city where you were born and the country where you're born and then there is a third section which is optional depending on where you were born if there's problems moving up if you're born in Canada there are provinces or if the states if you're born in America for example you can list the state but not every country would require this so it depends on exactly where you were born now the next stage is if you're applying for a child so if it's a an individual under the age of 16 and you'll be filling in the child general application form in alongside this form then you're going to list the actual child and the passport is going to be for do this their name here so if you're applying on behalf of a child you list a name there and then further on down you're going to pra lot of information now a lot of the information you're going to be asked here is actually very similar to the stuff that you're asked in the adult general application form the main difference is it just goes back further in terms of years of how much information they want in that general application form only two years of your information history is required however here on the statutory declaration they want the last five years of your history so it's really important to calculate your the history you're giving you have to go back from five years to current times it's really important thing to do this could really delay your application or could even end up being rejected if you're not present to rectify the the the issue on site so here you're providing all addresses in the last five years beginning with the most recent so here where the cursor is that's where your most recent address will be and as you go down it goes further along lines so let's say this would be the one year two year three year four year five just for an example what was it it's just an address that you may have lived that continuously for five years or more then obviously just one more supply so you can just do buy I lived here from 2022 to 2022 or 2022 January to 2022 January moving on again another five years history request this time for occupation or education background again so again beginning with the most recent so remember with each of these fields you're gonna work your way down chronologically so the most recent here and then the farthest back all the way down here again if your situation hasn't changed in the past five years so if you've been at the same workplace for five years fantastic then you just fit in what the the very top line and you're done with it because you'll be accounting for the five years from and to and obviously you have an array of options as well so over that five-year period you might have had a job and then somewhere along that line you were studying beforehand as well or you might have been unemployed or a homemaker as well so you can take as many options that apply to you over that five year period and I would strongly suggest giving as much detail as possible here again to stop any further delays happening with your application and then rounding out page one you may sign here and date here as well so you can actually can absolutely complete this page one of this two page application form for signing and dating moving on to section 2 references here the references play as always a really important part of your application I highly.

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