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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 944 Pr Irs Form

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 944 Pr Sole

Okay this is a continuation of our form 941 problem deals with the monthly depositor and how to fill out a form 941 remember we have a problem here I think we've already know we have a monthly depositor this information down here at the bottom half we're going to be using that a lot as we finish the this video this is the second video related to this sample problem watch the first video by the way go back and watch the first video just a quick refresher we filled that form 941 when we started on page two that's we did the page two we then moved over here to the yellow area copying over some numbers you may remember all that visually we wound up with line eight and that was where we stopped at the end of the first video I want to go to at the top of form 941 I just zoomed in to the very top I want to talk about the very top right in here so to speak really they're not a whole lot of stuff to talk about here what I would like you to do just to help me out when you turn these things in electronically instead of putting the name of the company here like we really ought to put the name of the problem problem you know 3-15 a or whatever it is put your name on the second line right there just so I'll have that and you're gonna MIT the heading if you want to let's look at the line one in line two I'm gonna zoom in the line one in line - I've already put some stuff in there I want to tell you what I put here's some here's a little diagram that shows you what I put in oh one other thing I did not mention be sure you fill out in the top very top the put a little check mark as to what quarter this is a third quarter 941 is a quarterly report it's not an annual report that's extremely important to the IRS but a little check mark there and then on line one assist put the number of employees who receive wages tips etc well that was given to us here and the problem is eight kind of hidden looking your problem hopefully they'll give you somewhere how many employees does the company have hired at that particular moment then that's hopefully somewhere in the problem they'll give you the total wages for the quarter and that's what we're looking for well in this case here's the wage the quarter in there so line 1 and 2 pretty much a snap given to us there's the employees there's the total wages for the quarter well okay and now we're starting to look at this page one of the form 941 now we're where we've done the stuff up here on line 1 and line 2 we got a lot of question marks though here in between between 2 & 8 we've also got 8 so we got to pick up the question mark there between let's zoom in a little bit on line 3 and in following lines line 3 says income tax withheld okay well that was given to us in the table this little kind of reddish pinkish number that's the federal income tax withheld so that's not a that's not a problem then the wages we're going to assume that the wages are all the same we'll revisit this issue somewhere somehow maybe a forum discussion or something I don't know we'll revisit this issue but we're going to pretend the wage of the issues were are the 37,000 450 given we're gonna put the put that for Social Security now we don't have any tips for this problem so I'm gonna leave that blank if you had any tips you'd put that in there we're also gonna soon the Medicare wages are also 37,000 450 if you think about it Social Security and Medicare are not always the same but for this problem they are well in whatever they are then you're just going to multiply out you're going to multiply that out at 0.12 4 that's twice the OST rate of 6.1 and we get four six four three eight oh and by the way if you're curious here's the amount that we've actually what paid the IRS Froy SDI well OSD also knows Social Security we've paid them a couple Finnish too much in it well we'll talk about the pennies later but anyway we're not worried about that we the IRS wants you to do what they tell you to do whatever they tell you to do be sure you do they say take this time times point one two four and then on line five see the Medicare number times point oh two nine where that comes from is one point four or five percent double which is what we're supposed to have paid by now they gives us the thousand 8605 this number right right here okay and if you're just curious looks like we may have paid a penny too much here as well so we've got two two pennies here too much one thing they're too much whatever you really really you don't worry about the pennies at this point we'll talk about pennies later so if what I'm talking about right now is kind of bother you just just forget my little squiggly lines up here about the pennies that that's really not important now what is more important is lying five D now that we do have to do we have to have to worry about that however that's pretty easy that's just the summation of what it tells you to do and what it tells you to do is to sum up these green numbers so if we sum up.

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