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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 944 Pr References

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 944 Pr References

Hello my name is Mark Holthe II I'm a Canadian immigration lawyer and ex immigration officer practicing in the beautiful Province of Alberta Canada I'm the host of the Canadian immigration podcast and the founder of the Canadian immigration Institute this is the second video in a series of three videos I prepare to share helpful information with you on the Canadian Express entry immigration process in this video I'm going to share with you the answer to one of the most common questions I get from people when applying for entry into the Express entry process in fact I get this question so often I've become completely overwhelmed with a number of people seeking guidance because it's impossible for me to be able to answer every single person's question I decided what better way to help people than to create a video that can be shared with everyone at the same time so that's what I did here's the question what do I do if my employer will not give me a properly worded reference letter for Express entry is there anything I can use instead of the reference letter to support my skilled work experience all right this most definitely is one of the top questions I get let me try to answer it for you do everything you can to get that darn letter it is critical that you pull out all stops because any of the tips that I give you next are completely up to well basically it leaves it up to an immigration officer as to whether or not they are going to be willing to accept it and for anyone who has had anything to do with express entry you will know that these immigration officers are down right cruel and the moment you do not have a document or cannot provide a document was originally requested in the form that they want it to be received in you are leaving yourself open for an application to get returned for being incomplete and it happens time and time again so first off do everything you can to get that letter next if you can't provide a very detailed written explanation of why you can't get the letter so that is what you're going to be including but that's just the cover letter you are next going to include this detail within that letter you're going to explain why the letter or at least the reference letter that you're seeking is not available or why it's deficient in other words it doesn't have all of those components that we talked about in the last video you are going to include every piece of information that I RCC requests to be included in your reference letter you're going to explain it in this letter you're going to talk about any company contact information that's available the address telephone number and email of anyone you may still know there you're going to make sure that you list all the positions you held with the company you're going to include job details for each listed position and these are all of the pieces of information that are to be included in that reference letter job title duties responsibilities job status the dates you work for the company number of hours worked per week annual salary benefits so you're going to include all of those within your explanation letter now once you've got that you need to try and substantiate that you need to try and provide evidence to support it so what are you going to do we'll open your mind think of every possible way that you can to to provide evidence and prove that you actually worked in the job that you worked in and that you perform the duties you performed so let's think back do you have an employment contract maybe there was a job offer letter when you were originally offered the job pull that out were there previous reference letters that you had to get for other purposes let's say you're opening up a bank account or you know you're applying for a bank loan for a mortgage car loan or some other financing maybe you needed to provide some kind of a reference letter for that that would detail your your work experience for that particular employer do you have any pay slips or pay stubs what about tax documents do you have any records of employment or or in Canada in the US we have our t4s and w-2s - have any of those all right now I want you to think about reference letters can you get a reference letter from the supervisor or colleagues that you worked with now these need to be notarized so make sure that if you do get these statements from the these from previous supervisors or other work colleagues that you get this document notarized and in the reference letter you want to include some of the following information a statement that they worked with you and witnessed you performing your job duties they can also attest to the time period that you worked that they worked with you your title or position the hours that they worked with you each week or any other statement that can confirm what CIC or in this case IRC see has required you to provide within the reference letter now let's think about some other documents do you have any performance appraisals or reviews do you have promotion letters or others confirming your position what about letters from previous immigration applications for other countries did you have to provide them for other countries so you can see from this this list here that we're trying to expand our mind we're trying to think of every possible Avenue but this is just a short list of some of the things that you can include and make sure that you pull out all the stops do.

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