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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 944 Pr Premium

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 944 Pr Premium

Welcome to XR template tutorial lesson number 53 in this XR web designer southern premium tutorial we're going to be focusing on how to add a web form to your website and basically what a web form does is it allows you to collect information from your visitors and you can set the fields to collect whatever information that is relevant to your business or organization now before I get started I do want to mention that this tutorial is being created because I had another YouTube request to make a video for a web form so if you do have a tutorial that you would like to see that I haven't currently made be sure to send me a message and I will do my best to assist you with learning the XR software if you haven't already go ahead and start a blank new document and the IG's our web designer 7 premium software and once you do that you're gonna go ahead and now open up your web browser and you can choose whichever web browser that you prefer I have Firefox you can use Internet Explorer Chrome you know any any web browser that yeah so go to your web browser and once you go to your web browser go to your address bar and type in WG form comm and hit enter and that's gonna take you to the chat form website and we're gonna use their system to create a web form now there's probably you know numerous systems that you can use but for this tutorial I'm gonna use the specific system to help you and learn how to add a web form so the first thing that I'm gonna do actually is I'm gonna delete these two fields that you see here click to edit this text and the submit button if you don't see anything on your screen then that's great if you do my advice to you select it the object and then delete it by clicking the X button so select it and then delete it after you've deleted all the objects in this blank space here well it wasn't blank before then but once you delete all the objects that were in the space the first thing you want to do is make sure that you're under the form tools section which is right here if you're not under that let's say for example you're under survey tools if you're under survey tools just go out to form tools and left-click on it and it will show you the options for your form tools and the first thing that we're going to do is drag in this heading so we're going to left-click and drag in this heading into our blank space and then that's going to give us an option to add a heading so click on that text that says click to edit this text click it once and then give your webform a heading and in this case I'm gonna call it our web form and when I'm done I'm gonna click in a background over here in a dark black space now click on the black space and that will deselect that object in our web form and you'll notice that it added a submit button because every webform has to have a submit button so it's gonna automatically add that in when you first add your first element to your web form so once you do that let's go ahead and go back to our form tools and this time we're gonna actually we're not going to stay in the form tools we're gonna go to a different option we're gonna go to quick tools and when you click on quick tools you'll see another set of options this time we're gonna drag in full name so let's drag that right after our our web form header text and so once you place that right after the our web form text you'll see that it creates a full name field for the first and last name and once you do that we're gonna go back to our quick tools options and this time we're gonna select phone number and drag it to our space right after the full name that's gonna add a form a form field for your phone number and if you wanted to you could also add an email address which most web forms do so actually dragging the email address from the click tools put that right there the phone number and we're gonna add one more field so let's go back to form tools when you go back to the form tools option you're gonna look for the option that says text area and we're gonna drop that right after email and when you add in that I'm gonna scroll down a little bit because my screens not quite big enough to show everything and where we added the the text area we're gonna change the title to message and we're gonna name that message and I'm going to click in a black area in our background to deselect that and now we as you can see we have a pretty decent webform that's gonna allow us to collect the visitors full name their phone number an email and a message but what if you have certain information that you absolutely have to have like for example the email address in order to follow up with that person well let's go ahead and make it a require field when you click on on the email field let's go to this little icon that looks like a Settings icon this is kind of a gray shape here and you're gonna left click on that and you're gonna click on show properties and when you do that we're gonna look for the field that says required which is right here and we're gonna left click on that text and.

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