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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 944 Pr Depositor

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 944 Pr Depositor

All right in this section we'll take a look at the pseudo quarterly forms in the previous section we looked at the state income tax withheld quarterly forms now we'll take a look at the saw the South Carolina on employment forms this form you can only get by the South Carolina Department of Employment and workforce and you have to sign up as an employer and then these forms are accessible to you there is no way you can just get online and get one of these forms so obviously you will not have to do one of these forms for home work because there's no access to you of these forms unless you are in a face-to-face class I do have some of these which they are made for me notice that it says Orangeburg Calhoun Technical Education so for education purposes they are allowing me to utilize this form but the you obviously can't use it for any kind of employer and like I say you cannot get online and just download this form anywhere I just use this so that I can show you what the form looks like and we can go over how to fill it out and realize that the firm across the states is fairly fairly alike and so your Pennsylvania form that you're going to have to fill out for your project is relatively similar to this and it has most the state's forms have two sections there's a section which in South Carolina is up here at the top where you all the employees and there's whole security numbers and how much wages they made that quarter and then there's another section which in South Carolina is at the bottom where everything is calculated and how much um the employer owes for South Carolina sudha tax is calculated on that bottom on in this case the bottom part and Pennsylvania they have this calculation part on a top and the employee listing part on the bottom but it's still it's the two parts are very similar alright so let's take a look we'll start at the top and box number one is the employer name and again that will call them already pre-printed just like it is here for us an account number that will also already be pre-printed you'll have an account number with sudah with the state and they will have that pre-printed in their box three the quarter ending date if this is for the third quarter the end of the third quarter is September 30th so that would be the day you would put in there whatever is the day to the end of the quarter and you would use the same form for each of the four four quarters a box for the total number of pages so if you have lots of employees more than what you can fit on this one page then you would use multiple pages and keep listing employees till you've got them all listed and then you put in box four of the top page how many total pages do you have for us of course that'll only ever just be one and buy oxide the total number of employees and however many that is you would put that in there that how many employees are listed and every employee who got even one dollar of wages during that quarter has to be listed if the employee did not make any wages during that particular quarter then you would not list that employee all right down here is the employees social security number and then the name and they want you to list the first name first and then the middle initial and then the last name last Hey and then finally the total wages and that again it's not the total cumulative wages that is the total wages just for that quarter on your project you have a porter to date column on your payroll report and so at the end of the quarter when you go to fill out the pennsylvania suta form you'll be able to see how much quarterly gross wages that each employee has made from that quarter today column line nine total wages this page okay since we're only gonna have one page or you can leave that blank and then line ten is total wages this whole report and so you could just put your total wages there now if you had more than one page each page would have a number on line nine and then a top page would have the grand total on line ten line eleven is over here to the left excess wages pay this quarter access wages when you're talking about unemployment means the wages that are above the limit now for food all the excess wages any wages that you pay that are over the seven thousand dollar maximum for the state of South Carolina twelve thousand is currently the max okay and so this says any wages out of all of these wages you're showing on this sheet how much of those wages were wages that were paid already after that person hit the 12,000 dollar maximum okay and so if I had two employees and I had one that had $6,000 worth of wages and one hand a thousand dollars worth of wages for this quarter the one with the $6,000 wages they'd already hit their 12,000 max two quarters ago and so all of their I still gonna list their them and I would still go to list their 6000 but in box 11 I would put that 6000 as being access wages that aren't going to be taxable the other employee that got a thousand a wage is maybe they just started working here and so they haven't reached their maximum yet and so they will be part of the $7,000 total that's on line 10 but 6000 would be.

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