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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 944 Pr Authorization

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 944 Pr Authorization

Hello this is me hurry from a Filipino women today I'm going to show you on how to fill out your form i-765 or application for employment authorization this form is what you need to submit along with your i-485 application for permanent residence or adjust status so that you can legally get a job in the United States later on the employment authorization card will be issued to you within two to three months after the submission of form i-485 application and the other requirements along with it let's start now I'm in Google then let's type form i-765 then enter and click the first one after that you'll see the form i-765 application for employment authorization fill out your full name brown first name is Jiri middle name is Mohini okay so and the other names used I'm gonna put my full name when I was still single sincerely URI and mahi night question number 3 my US mailing address since I just got here the United States my address is my husband's address so I'm gonna put 1 1 to 2 pi screech towns yellow state Washington and then my zip code number for country citizenship Filipino number five place of birth money London state and province Manila and country Philippines and then date of birth after that quote number seven is gender or female the next is marital status married and the number nine is my social security number number ten if you have an alien registration number already you can put it or you can also put your phone I 94 number and I put my I 94 number here question number 11 have you ever before applied for employment authorization from USCIS no I haven't but if you have if you're filling it out and you have them if your answer is yes then you have to put the USCIS office where you applied and the day when you applied for it question 12 date of last entry into the United States so I'm gonna put them on the day and a year and then 13 place of last entry into the United States is Seattle next one is the status of my last entry so when I entered in the United States I entered as a k1 visa so I put k1 fiance the number 15 current immigration status it's a k1 non-immigrant the number 16 eligibility category now you can refer to this to that instruction on how to fill out your form i-765 if you entered as a k1 then you can see the or what you will put so for me I enter this k1 then I'm gonna put a then closed parenthesis six we came here under other kinds of visa then you have to refer to the instruction the number seventeen if you entered the eligibility C 3 C in question 16 above this your degree your employer's name as listed and your employer's verify company so if you put C 3 C 4 now question 16 then you have to put the degree and employers name in question 17 but for me it's a k1 skip that question then number 18 if you entered the eligibility category C 26 that's really not applicable for k1 visa so you have to skip that one just leave it blank and then so proceed on your application signature you have to sign this with a black pen and then date of your signature then type the date that you occur when you are filling out this form and your telephone number now if somebody else has prepared it for you like if you had a lawyer or an agency preparing this form for you then they will sign this lower part preparers signature but if you did it by yourself then you only put the applicant signature the date of signature the telephone number so that's it we're done I'm and don't forget to join us in our fast-growing visa approved group in facebook everybody is so helpful there click the icon that you will see clicked icon that you see right now on the screen that will lead you to our visa up blue group and also don't forget to download the i-485 adjustment of status app you can also click that icon in that you see on the screen so good luck to all the newly married couples hello this is me URI from a Filipino women today I'm going to show you one of the forms that you can submit for your AOS adjustment of status application which is also called form g-1145 this form is optional meaning it's fine if you don't submit it but if you want to receive a notification like an email or a text from you.

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