Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 944 Pr Attach

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 944 Pr Attach

Hello everyone today I will be showing you how to fill out forms and sign documents on your iPad just that easy I've received an email with a document survey or any document form even a scanned form that needs to be signed or filled out as you can see the iPad does not automatically give you the option to fill out forms this is a natural PDF form created on my computer but the iPad does not let me fill it out this is open from an email you just go back it does not let me fill it out if we open it in iBooks the person here we open in iBooks again same issue let's not let you fill out the form you can press down while it does the zoom in it doesn't do anything for you now we open the same document in PDF Expert which is a great application you can find in the App Store and I actually use this form a lot this application a lot you can naturally now fill out the same field with no issues scroll over to the next page buttons work and now you can even sign so if this was your signature you can save your signature if it with a client customer signature just press signature plus a new signature and then let them sign their signature done and let's say this was a scanned form and you just needed to fill out the form manually even though it's just a scan form you still need to sign it and fill out the field that would be an issue with this application because now all you have to do let's say we need to put our name here you can click on the text field right here and start typing away and you can just type right away if you wanted to make additional note or if you wanted to handwrite anything you can do the same thing right here take a blue pen or change the color there you go and that's how you fill out forms and sign documents on your iPad thanks for watching if you have any questions please leave a comment below.