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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 944 Pr Valid

Instructions and Help about Can Form 944 Pr Valid

Hello dreamers how are you doing many of you have asked me the differences between permanent residency and citizenship so in this video I'm gonna tell you the key differences between having a permanent residency or citizenship of Canada and similar would be for Australia so if you want to know what the difference is stay tuned hello everybody the sheet on you from dream abroad if you want to imitate Canada or Australia without paying hefty fee to the consultants please visit my channel I've got tons of videos on the immigration process of both of these countries I regularly upload videos almost every week so if you haven't subscribed my channel yet please subscribe but you right now okay so if you are a permanent resident of Canada in that case you would hold a PR card but if you're a citizen of Canada in that case you'd be holding the passport of Canada if you are a permanent resident of Canada have to live there for certain of number of years and then pass an exam to become the citizen of Canada and get that Passport now please note that some countries do offer the dual citizenship as well so if your home country does offer the dual citizenship well and good for people who are living in India India doesn't offer dual citizenship however Canada does so if you're holding a Indian passport with the permanent resident card of Canada in that case you're free to travel to India whenever you want to travel but let's suppose that you get the citizenship and you get the passport of Canada in that case you would need to get a visa to travel to India so this is a one difference which is you know quite striking going ahead as a permanent resident you won't have the rights to would encounter and as a citizen you do help the rights to know would in different elections okay and similar is the case with Australia as well minded the basic rules are very similar okay if you're a permanent resident you are not allowed to enter or work in the Canadian military while you're if you're citizen you can work you know in the Canadian military forces or indicate in army okay moving ahead so if you're a permanent resident and let's say my mistake or you know how deliberate Lee you you know commit a criminal offense in that case you could be jailed or you could even be deported to your back to your home country while if you're a citizen then you won't be you know actually deported to any other country because Canada is your home country in that case and you just have to you know serve your jail term or whatever now as a permanent resident you would need to spend two years out of five to maintain your PR status but there's no such requirement in the case of a citizen if you're a citizen of Canada or Australia you know obviously you can live work anywhere in the world you know for any number of years and you can come back and still your citizenship would be in that but if you're a permanent resident of Canada and you're not there for no two years out of five years you would be losing your PR status and of course you know the rule for the citizenship you have to be there for three years to apply for the citizenship of Skanda okay now the visa requirements for other countries of course because you're a permanent resident of Canada you would get some benefits there are a couple of countries so where you can actually you know get the visa free travel that's an assault America but most of the countries you know you would need to abide by the rules of your passport in the deep' currently holding so let's say if you are holding an Indian passport and if you want to travel to Europe or any other country you know maybe in UK you need to get a visa for that but if you're actually in actually a citizen of Canada and you hold a passport a Canadian passport in that case you would not require to apply for a visa this is the screenshot from Wikipedia and it says that according to the 2022 Henley passport index holders of Canadian passport can visit 185 countries and territories without a visa or with a visa on arrival lacking degree in passport fifth in the world with the Belgian Irish and Swiss passports so it is definitely one of the strongest passports in the world so if you to hold this Canadian passport in that case you would not need a visa to travel to so many countries the visa free access to United States as well so obviously this includes the United States if you have the PR of Canada that does not mean that you can travel to United States you do need to apply for the visitor visa but if you hold the passport in that case you can definitely no travel to the USA without even applying for a visa so these only key differences between the permanent residency and a citizenship of Canada are basically the similar are for Australia as well so thank you lord surprise Philip for watching this video I really hope that this video was helpful in providing some basic knowledge to you please like the video if you liked it and share the difference if you think it would be helpful for them and also please subscribe my channel if you haven't subscribed yet.

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