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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 944 Pr Monthly

Instructions and Help about Can Form 944 Pr Monthly

I get why they could be a pain, but I personally think that I can take a pill once a day at the same time. Oh, I forgot my birth control, this is infuriating. It's just bothering me, pill alright. I'm officially sick and tired of the pill. Like many women living in 2017, I'm on birth control, specifically the birth control pill. So, since we're living through some pretty trying times right now with women's access to birth control always being a topic of discussion but rarely a topic of discussion held by women, and I can tell you this is most troubling, this is disturbing music. I felt like now was a really great time to challenge some of my male co-workers to an experiment. Birth control is the ultimate gift that came out of science. It's a wonderful way to be able to plan your life out. The women I've dated have had many complaints about the different types of birth control they've been on. So, while the women of BuzzFeed were extremely excited to see a video like this getting made, I literally have no idea what happened to the men. It was dead silent on that email thread. I was hesitant to do this video because I was afraid it was going to be some weird placebo pills. After knowing that it's going to be Tic Tacs, I feel a little better. That can't be as simple as I think it is, and that's how guys view birth control, right? Because they view it as being very simple. What's the big deal? Because, believe me, if there was a pill, I could take it. All means, I will be not potent at all. This would be a Sahara Desert. My girlfriend does things for me,...