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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 944 Pr Monthly

Instructions and Help about Can Form 944 Pr Monthly

I get why they could be a pain but I personally think that I can take a pill once a day at the same time oh I forgot my birth control this is infuriating it's just bothering me pill alright I'm officially sick and tired of the pill like many women living in 2022 I'm on birth control specifically the birth control pill so since we're living through some pretty trying gas times right now with women's access to birth control always being a topic of discussion but rarely a topic of discussion held by women and I can tell you this is most troubling this is disturbing Music I felt like now was a really great time to challenge some of my male co-workers to an experiment birth control is the ultimate gift that came out of science it's a wonderful way to be able to plan your life out the women I've dated have had had many complaints about the different types of birth control they've been on so while the women of BuzzFeed were extremely excited to see a video like this getting made I literally have no idea what happened to the men it was dead silent on that email threat I was hesitant to do this video because I was afraid it was gonna be some weird placebo pills after knowing that it's gonna be tic tacs I feel a little better that can't be as simple as I think it is and that's how guys view birth control right because they view it as being very simple what's the big deal because believe me if there was a pill I could take it all means I will be not potent at all this would be a Sahara Desert my girlfriend does things for me and one of these things is taking birth control and I really want to know what she's going through let's go over the rules so while I couldn't give them acne and weight gain and mood swings and all the other that we go through I figured we could at least simulate the inconvenience rule number one is you have to pick up your birth control from me on Sunday between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. okay Super Bowl Sunday this is not a good time you can only take your birth control from the original pack of Tic Tacs that you are given there is no buying of another pack of Tic Tacs just because you don't have your pack with you and you need to take it what if I forget it what I have what happens if you miss a pill aka if you're over an hour late taking your pill you will have to refrain from sexual activity that night and that's partnered sex or masturbation what yeah what do you even masturbate no fair enough we're not done okay you have to wear a pad with a period like substance the reason for that is that when a woman misses her birth control pill for a lot of people that will mess up her cycle deal that's actually more incentive to never miss this I'm feeling more nervous now than I did at the start of this but also confidence all right I had an idea that in order to make this experience even more relatable to women I should give them insurance cards but they have to present when they pick up their birth control I have a gift for you what is it so I have an insurance card specialist copay 25 I know I can't give you your pills unless you present your insurance card on Sunday so don't forget it you just really trying to make this more difficult where you can to just chance I think you're afraid that we're gonna crush this you don't have a copay so right now you're okay because under the ACA birth control is free Music you see me on Sunday it's almost 11:30 I'm going I'm on my way now to get my birth control from the pharmacist I made it in time and now I gotta wait 15 to 20 minutes probably a little bit longer to get my birth control that's what normally happened right I'm really nervous because the pharmacist just asked me if it was my first time picking up which means I'm in for some more I am pretty sure that they just thought that they were going to walk up in here and just take a packet tic tacs and go about their day and I said hell no we're really going through this experience he's looking at the conference card as if there's yeah it looks like you have a prescription for male birth control is that correct yes okay so he give me about 15-20 minutes I should be able to fill it right now this is infuriating but the pharmacy was only three people I go to it Music this is very thorough let me tell you I put in all right taking my first bill I have the option taking starting tickets tonight or tomorrow morning I'm gonna prefer tomorrow morning because I think that's better for me when I wake up and take all my other meds 10:00 p.m. to watch 21 day to trooper fuel so far killing the game and my alarm just went off and I'm like oh good I'm gonna take my pill and I realize that my pills are in my car this pill is bothering me some people have said I shouldn't suck on it because that's something good that girls don't get to do they don't get to enjoy it then I have to dry swallow it so I'll just dry swallow this one no I forgot my birth control so I have to go back and there's a lot of traffic on this side I'm doing it on time but it just sucks.

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