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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 944 Pr Fringe

Instructions and Help about Can Form 944 Pr Fringe

This is Renee Romeo and today you'll be joining me in my sewing room learning how to make these beautiful fringe throw pillows now you can make these any size but might have to be on a king-size bed so I need three over european-style 25 by 25 pillows so please join me I'll show you exactly how to do this start to fish what I've done is I've taken the measurement of the pillow form and in my case it's 25 inches the 25 inches I'm going to add an extra inch to it because I'm going to go ahead and have 1/2 inch seam all the way around this existing square so I can go ahead and put that away and figure out how much fabric I need now in my case the fabric that I'm using has giant motifs and motif is basically just that one piece of the pattern that you're going to focus in on and Center that in the very center of your pillow form so in my case I have my pattern piece there's 27 inch repeat and basically what that means is from the bottom of the motif to the top of the motif is 27 inches and then is going to repeat again another 27 inches beyond that so I'm basically within that that 25 inch square that I'm looking for as a finished measurement and luckily for me on one piece of fabric which is usually 54 to 56 inches wide I can get two squares out of one width of fabric so I'm going to purchase my 27 inches and then another 27 inches and then another 27 inches because I'm making three pillows to go across the back of a king-size bed so I have my fabric chosen from that point like the pillow that I made before I had covered the cording with fabric and I had inserted that but now it's now this time around I'm going to go ahead and get some brush fringe and basically what you buy is something that looks like this and there's a piece of very loosely tied thread at the bottom that you take off at the end whenever done and then you can really brush it out nicely and it will fluff out all the way around the circumference of that pillow so basically that's all you need pillow form fabric and some brush fringe and you're ready to go let's just talk about fabric choice for a second whenever you're doing a pillow or some type of upholstery usually you go ahead to the fabric store and you get upholstery fabric this fabric is a linen is rated for upholstery but it's very very thin and so anytime I'm in a situation like that I like to inter line the fabric before I go ahead and start putting all of my pieces together now what is interlining interlining is just a thin piece of flannel and what it does is it gives that that fabric an extra little bit of body so that way it's not going to be pulling quite as much underneath it you know anybody that happens to be sitting or laying on it so what I've done is I've taken that bit of inner lining and I've simply basted it to the backside of the fabric and from this point since this is done I can go ahead and I can put the trim on all of the edges before I actually sandwich that together with the other finished piece so so I've gone ahead I've done that I'm going to take my trim I'm going to take it over to the Machine and basically all I'm going to do is I'm going to line it up along the edge and just baste it in place along that stitched portion of the existing trim so let's try to visualize exactly what we're doing here and how you line up this trim you wouldn't sew it on like this because basically any time that you sew anything together you sew fabric with right sides together to get a finished piece if you sewed it on like this it wouldn't turn out right you you wouldn't see it at all would be facing the inside of the pillow so you need to make sure that's going to wind up inside the pillow and if you're going to be putting right sides together as you sew well then when you turn it out the turn will be on the right side so that the concept behind that the other concept is I'm working on the bottom side of the pillow and the bottom side of the pillow you can choose anywhere on that edge to align this up with I'm going to do mine right about here right around the corner just to show you really quick how to go ahead and stitch this so this is in place now you'll see hopefully if I'm close here this is sewn on as like little loops and all you wanted to to make that turn at the corner is you're going to be slicing in between those little loops so you line that up with your scissors and give it a clip so I'm going to do that right now and I'm going to clip it at the half inch point so I'm going to measure about half inch away from this edge I'm going to clip that in right about there and I'm going to clip up until I can manipulate it just a little bit around that corner and get that in place really well and then set the needle in and then you're going to make the turn so you're going to turn your fabric toward you and then you're going to take this this piece of trim and you're going to push it as far as you can into that needle that's.

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