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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 944 Pr Eligible

Instructions and Help about Can Form 944 Pr Eligible

Welcome to the CDR 4ei team after watching this video you will learn how to get a PR visa in Australia with three easy steps this is a points-based skilled migration subclasses 189 190 and 489 visa at first you need to know the following turns pass mark this is the total number of points you must score to pass the points test check the Department's website www.jfn.co.jp/toho rdaw comm slash immigration dot html' permanent visa PR permanent visa holders are able to enter live work in Australia indefinitely after a specified period they can apply for Australian citizenship provisional visa a points-based skilled migration provisional visa allows the holder to enter live and work in Australia for a specified period provisional points-based skilled migration visas pra pathway to permanent residence in Australia conditions to get a PR visa in Australia these following three conditions should meet to get a PR visa 1h you must be under fifty years of age when you are invited to apply to English language the threshold English language requirement is competent English which is an international English Language Testing system IELTS test results showing a minimum score of six in each of the four components of the IELTS test or an occupational English test Oh et attaining a score of at least B in each of the four components of a no ET is specified by the Minister for some occupations the assessing authority may require a higher level of English as part of their skills assessment process you also meet the English language threshold if you hold a valid passport from and are a citizen of one of the following countries the United Kingdom the United States of America Canada the Republic of Ireland or New Zealand three graduation with at least 12 months experience if you meet these three conditions you can able to get a PR visa only for three steps these steps are shown below step one qualification / skill assessments if you hold the accredited qualifications you don't need to assess the educational certificates the accredited qualifications are one Australian qualifications to Washington Accord qualifications 3 Sydney accord qualifications for Dublin Accord qualifications accept these qualifications you need to assess your certificates by suitable Authority however you must have had your skills assessed as suitable for your occupation by an assessing Authority for your nominated occupation requirements for qualification / skill assessments one head-and-shoulders photograph 35 millimetres x 45 millimetres to prime identification document current passport only page including photo and name 3 academic degree certificate 4 complete an official academic transcript including any recognition of prior learning 5 curriculum vitae / resume 6 IELTS test report form seven official change of name documents where applicable eight registration certificate under the relevant licensing authority where applicable example Philippine regulations Commission nine documentary evidence of employment for periods of 12 months or more or if the employment pra basis for a career episodes ten lists of continuing professional development CPD eleven three career episodes summary statement for the nominated category twelve official English language translations of above documents where applicable if you want no details of skill assessment procedure please watch our previous video or visit HTTP slash slash CDR fo re awl EECOM step two state / territory nomination 190 visa if you need five more points to pass the points test you can get this point from the state / territory nomination if you accept a nomination there are a number of obligation states and territories will require you to meet these include that you remain in the nominating state or territory for at least two years and will keep the state or territory informed of changes in your address details before and after arrival and will be prepared to complete surveys and prinformation as required we'll meet any other requirements of the Nominating state or territory skilled regional sponsored subclass 489 if you need ten more points to pass the points test you can get this point from the skilled regional sponsored subclass 489 to be eligible for this visa you must satisfy the application requirements be able to pass the points test and be sponsored by an eligible Australian relative living in a designated area or nominated by a participating state or territory government step 3 apply for the visa you have to apply for the visa through online by submitting all the documents that you have claimed for passing the points in this way you can easily get a PR visa in Australia however if you still feel any problem please visit HTTP slash slash CDR fo re awl EECOM slash immigration HTML you can also find the link in the description thanks for watching the video.

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