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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 944 Pr Certification

Instructions and Help about Can Form 944 Pr Certification

Hi everyone welcome to New England do T physicals we're here today to talk about the self certification CDL process there's been a lot of confusion as to what it means to self certify and how exactly to do it so hopefully after watching this video you'll understand the process a little bit more I have a CDL self certification form in my hand and I'm going to go over exactly how you do it everyone always says well what is self certification mean why do I have to do it there's a federal law which states that if you are a CDL holder you have to show proof of your DoD medical card every time that it expires so that's basically what the self certification process is we send your DoD medical card information into the federal government that they do not talk to the state so that's why you're having to do it on your own this here is the self certification form it's pretty easy on the table you're basically just filling out your name information it's pretty self-explanatory underneath that is for different types of reasons of why or what kind of driver you are actually so I'm gonna go over those with you right now I'm gonna start with the first one which is ni which means that you drive interstate most people should be checking off and I that means you can drive anywhere I'm in the entire US with your medical card I'm going to skip down to the third one which is non exempted intrastate and this is where people get really confused intra means within so if you're checking this off you're basically stating that you only within the state of your license you wouldn't really want to do that unless you you have several restrictions on your license you're between 18 and 21 and you have a K on your license or at W a good example is say you're at the Patriots game and Bill Belichick comes over to you and says I need CDL Patriot fan drivers to take all the Patriots footballs and bring them to another stadium and sign you up you would not be able to do that if you checked off intrastate only okay so you won't don't want to limit yourself unless you are supposed to be restricted then the other two options are exempted if you're getting something that's exempted you're gonna know that you're exempted that could be someone just like a policeman or a fireman if you're exempted you're still having to show proof that you you know for whatever reason don't need a DoD medical card but if you're exempted again you will know you're exempted and you would not be coming into our office on the back of the form or so I should say the second page is where you're gonna put all the medical card information that you're copying off everything from the medical card you get in our office as long as you passed we give you that and that has all the information on it it's gonna have the doctor's name that you saw it's gonna have the national registry number everything that's on here as well people get really confused with that they think the doctor has to sign off on it he does not have to sign off on anything you're basically just copying all the information off your DoD medical card onto the form the issue date is going to be the day that the curve was actually issued the doctor's name which is on your med card is the name that you're going to put on the certificate and then the expiration date is going to be the expiration date of your card it has nothing to do with the expiration date of the doctor's certification so that's what you're going to basically fill out on the form then everyone says well wait what do I do with this there's three ways that you can get all this information to the registry the first one is by mail that auction is on the form and there's an address on there what I recommend is if you do want to mail it make sure you have enough time and you're sending it sort of a certified mail you can also go into any arm fee office you're basically going to have the self certification form filled out along with a copy of your medical card you cannot show that to them in person or the best option which I recommend and it says right on the form they recommend as well is just scan it there is a link on our website on the top and it says helpful links you go down to the bottom and there's a link right to the Massachusetts Registry where you can basically scan your medical card and upload it and then you are basically typing your information and so I really recommend that you do it that way we offer appointments in our office Monday through Friday so if you have any other questions about the CDL self certification process we're more than happy to answer that for you in the office we hope this video was informational for you and you learned a little bit more about CDL self certification it makes it a little easier for you thanks you.

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