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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 944 Pr Attach

Instructions and Help about Can Form 944 Pr Attach

I want to make my own slingshot fans but I don't know what to do well don't worry cuz today we're gonna make slingshot bands I'm gonna show you how to do it so you can make your own custom bands I'm Zachary Fowler and you're watching Fowler's Maker you mischief there is tons of different slingshot band materials out there you can get them on simple shot that's where I purchase all my gear simple shot and to make my own bands I don't sell the materials on my website to make your own bands I sell band sets and the slingshots from simple shot but you can go on simple shot get your own stuff these are very dense and there's a little bit slower but they're longer-lasting this is the natural gum rubber is the latex it's heavy duty the rock suckers that I sell for slingshot bands are made out of this and the slingshot bands that come in the bug out kit here this is all the all that you need to build your own slingshot like a wooden frame and they put the bands on it is everything is in there and these this is my favorite latex it has the least amount of additives to it it's just latex and it is its snappier it's faster it's thin it doesn't last as long but it allows me to shoot a more accurate shot with the slingshot so I'm going to show you how to make a set of bands for my torque with this material first you're gonna need one of these mats it's a fabric cutting mat you get a roller cutter you get them out like jo-ann fabrics this thing is super sharp and or on Amazon a ruler preferably a really stiff and hard ruler with a fairly thick edge it's almost like eighth inch or something there and basically you just lay out your latex you can buy them in one foot squares usually and you gotta do some math and figure out what what size what length bands that you want and right now for this torque slingshot I'm going for a tapered band set that is inch and an eighth by 3/4 so first I just use this mat to mark that out I'm gonna make a straight one there and over here there's little dots on the mat that make that so easy for you to just mark out your dimensions and then you can just cut out your band set with this roller cutter it's very very simple very easy you lay down the roller and the trick to cutting these out is keeping this pressed it down and just a smooth cut working your fingers long if you just zip it along the rubber sometimes squishes out and the ruler slides to the side so be careful line it up on your other measurements inch and 1/8 by 3/4 boom you got your first band strip right there ready to go tie on your pouches and just do the same for your second one lay it out it's easier if you actually mark out all of your measurements before you start doing it and you make it the opposite last time it was an inch and an eighth over here and 3/4 here and that way it brings the the elastic back to square again all right now we got a taper band set and we could tie some pouches on and then time on to the slingshot let's do it when tie on one of my favorite pouches these are the warrior pouches I think I might ayah this all leather went on made out of kangaroo these guys are the best warrior pouches I've been rocking those ever since they sent me some and I got more coming I'm gonna be using those on my speed shooter and all my slingshots from that here on out so I'll link that below in the description so you can get your own - I don't sell those on my website just yet but I possibly will be in the near future all right here's my band tying on rig that I made it's just basically two giant spring clamps with a attach to a board so that it stays still while you're working on it I like to tie my bands on with little strips of natural gum rubber the thinner stuff and they make great ties rubber bands work too but you got to be careful with those because rubber bands tend to break down to start with take the end of the band and fold her fold it up so you see that folded and place it through the pouch note that you're putting it through the side of the pouch that the ammo sits in and that's coming out the back of the pouch and folding over then this is the piddly putzie part it's not easier to do if i'm not showing it to you you say keep it folded over all the way down to here you bring just enough of it through the pouch so you go about that much right there and you lay it in your clamp like this pinching the tip of it where it's folded over and you take your other clamp you pull out on the pouch so it stretches it right here and gives you space to tie on your tie which will hold the whole thing together and these are very easy you just put it on there give it a couple wraps in both directions pulling on it so it's stretching it then you tie one knot and this is the trick is the trick to really nail it a little bit of spit otherwise the friction causes the not to go I'll messed up and you can actually just break the elastics a little bit spit you tie.

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