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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 944 Pr Arent

Instructions and Help about Can Form 944 Pr Arent

Music the 10 darkest secrets Disneyland princesses have to keep wait did we just use the word dark in the same sentence as Disneyland the same Disneyland that's a magical exciting place of Wonders for both kids and adults alike well for the princesses employed their work can be pretty nightmarish for people who walk around an amusement park for a living being a Disneyland princess is no walk in the park are you ready to know what their life is really like then keep on watching but before we put a damper on all the magic and Wonder hit that subscribe button and turn on post notifications to be the first to see all of our updates number 10 they can't break character this one might seem kind of obvious but it's still worth mentioning after the joyful moment when you've finally been chosen to be a Disneyland princess you don't just start working right away before anything else you go through a few weeks of character training even if you've seen all the cartoons with your character thousands of times since you were a kid you've got to go through this step you should be ready to answer any questions you might get asked plus you shouldn't just look like your character which can be achieved easily through the right costume and makeup you should walk talk and act exactly like them to Disneyland princesses also aren't allowed to reference any characters that aren't a part of their story and they can't show that they know anything about life outside of the Disney World all of this is done to make you feel like you're really meeting and hanging out with your favorite princess making the experience even more marvelous and believable Music number nine they can't have tattoos tattoos are such a popular thing to have these days that you'd think this rule would have stayed in the past and even though I personally would love to see a be a look in aerial rock and some tattoos Disneyland's current policy wouldn't allow it Disney's website gives more details on the no wink rule for their park employees explaining that tattoos must only be done with the use of clothing or makeup when required for a character as you can probably guess any sort of body piercing ages and disfiguring skin implants are forbidden as well of course these rules apply to every Disney World Worker not just the princesses man they should at least do one day where everybody gets a Punk at it don't you think number eight they can't choose what princess they're gonna be the audition process we're becoming a Disneyland princess is incredibly complex and difficult the most upsetting thing of all is that you can't even choose which princess to audition for if you want to be a Disney princess you have to do an open audition for any Disney World role including princes princesses animal characters and parade performers one former Disneyland princess confess that the audition process can take up to eight hours and starts with grouping people based on their height which should be between five three and five seven body type and appearance candidates then get eliminated based on what roles need to be filled and the elimination process is pretty tough one former Disneyland worker recounted how out of 500 girls who auditioned one year only three were hired for a job plus Disneyland looks for different princesses at different times and that's why some people have to audition multiple times to get the part you could make the perfect Cinderella but won't get chosen because they're looking for a Belle plus a person can only audition once a year so it's not uncommon when an individual can't get the job for years they definitely have more patience than I do number seven they train to sign autographs a lot of parents get their kids a special book for their trip to Disneyland so that they can get an autograph and a picture with their all-time favorite Disney Princess and Disney World is serious about making this experience as unforgettable and real as possible all Disney Land princesses have to go through autograph training so that every signature looks the same another thing is that there's always more than one of each princess in the same Park but don't worry Disney World has several protocols to make sure that the same princesses are never within close proximity to each other still to make it look and feel like the real deal they all should look very much alike and give the same characters autograph so if you got an autograph yesterday and your friend got one five years ago you can be sure that they're identical number six they can't post about their job on social media imagine becoming a Disneyland princess and putting your costume on for the very first time wouldn't you want to snap a pic and show all your friends and family on social media well when you're an actual Disneyland princess you can't do that Disney has a sort of oath of confidentiality that includes strict rules about their employees social media accounts to put it short when you work at Disney World you can't post anything related to your job snap funny or fascinating behind-the-scenes photos or even reveal what character you portray it sounds pretty harsh but if you think about it it would kind of ruin the magic if you see these fairy tale princesses being just normal people of course we know they're actresses but we still want to believe the illusion right do you agree with this rule or would seeing all the backstage stuff not be a big deal to you let us know in the comments number five they have code words for emergencies even though Disneyworld is supposed to be a magical place where dreams come true it is still an amusement.

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