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Instructions and Help about Are Form 944 Pr Wont

In our particular spot, it was a place that's rare. If you forgot to lock your door at night, it wasn't that big of a deal. If she didn't, was I didn't lock my car doors when I got there. If I wanted to, I could have left the keys in it. Neighbors looking out, watching was calm, quiet. Anyone else, I mean it was just Nakhon Texas Brine, which is the company that has been mining this area. That sinkhole sits over a salt dome, and it's believed that there's a cavern in there that has collapsed. Rock went from this to this, a thing called the size of 20 football fields. Officials here declared a code three alert, which is the highest form of readiness, after the sinkhole started bubbling, swirling, and swallowing more trees. A year ago, there was seismic activity in this area, which is odd. We don't have earthquakes in south Louisiana. We have hard, we traded hurricanes for earthquakes. We have plenty of hurricanes, we'll have earthquakes. So when there was seismic activity in the Bayou, people started to get worried. Back on May 12th, 2012, my wife and I, we took the boat out one afternoon, just taking a little leisurely ride. That's something we just often do, just to relax, go down the bayou and take a ride. We're going about a half a mile down the bayou, and when I got to the pipeline crossing, where there are known three known pipelines that crossed, I noticed some unusual bubbling. At first, I passed it up, then I turned around, I went back and looked again. They know this doesn't look right. You know, one morning the bubbles appeared. No one really knew what it was that was causing these bubbles in...