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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 944 Pr Valid

Instructions and Help about Are Form 944 Pr Valid

We submitted our application for express entry on 30th June 2022 and we received the stamp passport on 31st August and today we will be sharing all the steps that I build for Canada PR Express entry but I don't want to do that in the modern way which is white board animation I have some idea about doing this in a classic old-school Music so we have our blackboard ready our teacher ready and we have the chocolatey she will be showing you all these steps to get DPF us not know so man has written all these steps on the board but before going into details of all these steps I just want to quickly tell you what express entry is that is the system created by Canada government to only invite skilled applicants on the basis of the language their qualification and experience otherwise everybody would like to come to a great country but they only want to invite qualified and skilled people now let's talk about the steps to get Canada we are the very first step is giving us exam that's the language ability test then comes easier easier stands for educational credential assessment then is creating your profile in the Express entry pool or ITA idea stands for invitation to apply then after creating the profile the next step is to arrange for all the documents required for the process then comes the stage when you get the invitation from the Canadian government to submit your file after that you have to give your medical tests and sumit all the documents required by the government and then finally you get the visa stamp on your passport and you land in Canada that's so simple isn't it so if you have searched on the internet or you have checked out other YouTube videos you might see the aisle steps as a second step but we are sharing our personal experience is that you should go for IELTS test first so that he'll know your IELTS course because your CRS total score will be depending on your age your qualification experience and your IELTS course so you know that you can change your nails you can change your experience you can change your qualification but you can change your IELTS score and if your score will not be good there is no point paying fees to the agent or going for the easier you know that you will at least need full 40 because last cutoff in December was somewhere around 438 so even if your CRS score is below 440 it is very unlikely that you will get the golden meal which is PPR so let me show you on my laptop how you can calculate your CLS course that should be the first step before even giving the Isles after getting hires you should do the calculation of CRS and see if you need to give us again or not so else would be the most important step let's check this here a step later on the laptop ok so this is the CRS tool by which you can get your CRS score this is the URL but I will be given that in the description so we don't waste much time and also I have filled all the details beforehand so that we can make the video shorter first thing you need to select is whether you're single or married and if your spouse is citizen of Canada you need to select yes you will get more points for it will your spouse and common-law partner come with you to Canada I would say yes because in your feature if your wife or husband would be completing you need to select it yes and also you will be filling the educational and IELTS retails for your spouse and you will get more points let's move on you need to fill your age and you get points for your age as well the lesser your age will be the more points you will get and here we had master degrees you have selected master degree you will get more points for master degree and obviously you will get maximum point for PhD so in my case I'm selecting masters I don't have any Canadian diploma certificate so I am saying no yes we have gone through the English test and that was aisles TEF is the French test so in our case I chose aisles and selecting files here selecting the scores this is very important because you will realize how much poor you're getting on the basis of Orion's force so in this case I have selected seven and speaking eight in listening reading seven seven point five writing seven which will make it a triple seven and at the end when you calculate your score you will come to know how the Isles scores impact your totals here has four no we don't have any other language test if you have capabilities in French as well you can give TF camera tests as well and you will get more points for French test do you have any certificate qualification from Canadian province in my case it was no in your case you can select yes if you have in case you have got an offer under labor market impact assessment which is lmia you can select yes in my case it was more do you have nomination certificate province ama province or territory which is PNP but in my case it was no if your brother or sister is there in Canada you get more points but in my case it was no now see the benefit of adding your spouse as a secondary applicant in the CRX calculator you will be populating data for your spouse as well experience education and as well as I'll so if your spouse is also giving IELTS test the total CRS score will be.

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