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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 944 Pr Irs Form

Instructions and Help about Are Form 944 Pr Timely

Welcome to sure hire we encourage you to watch the following video to assist you in properly preparing for your sure hire appointment and to help you understand what to expect with regards to the testing that will be performed upon arriving at sure hire you will be created in our reception area by one of our testers you will be asked to provide proper identification for your appointment our first preference for identification is government-issued photo ID such as a driver's license or passport for a full listing of acceptable forms of identification please visit our website at WWE or give us a call at one eight six six nine four for hire once your identification has been confirmed our testers will sign you in and provide you with all the necessary forms required to complete testing should you have any questions about the forms our testers will be happy to assist you before your testing begins you will be required to remove excess clothing such as your jacket sweater coveralls hat and to place all your personal belongings into a locker or a secure area within the facility a search will be conducted to ensure that no unnecessary items are being brought into the testing area the search includes turning all pockets inside out lifting pant legs above the sock line and possibly removing your shoes you're now ready to begin testing sure higher offers two types of oral fluid drug testing Express or lab Express testing will provide an instant result whereas lab testing is sent away for analysis and results will take three to five business days for both types of testing the tester will open a sterile device and advise you to place it in your mouth until it is saturated with oral fluid for the expressed test the cap will be placed on the device and the results read within three to five minutes for the lab based test the sample will be placed in a vial and filled and a chain of custody form will be filled out both items will be bagged sealed and shipped to the lab for testing express test samples may be sent to the lab for further testing it is recommended that you avoid use of any illicit drugs prior to your test if you have taken over the counter or prescription medication be sure to note it on the drug testing form that sure higher provides to you you will be asked to remove any items from your mouth such as gum or chewing tobacco prior to your test being performed this is done to avoid a false positive or false negative test results if your sample is sent to the lab you may be contacted by an MRO to confirm any possible drug use oral fluid drug testing takes approximately five to twenty minutes to complete we hope you found this information helpful and that you enjoy your testing experience as your hire if you have any additional questions or concerns you can always reach out to us through our website at WWE or by phone at 186 694 for hire.

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