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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 944 Pr References

Instructions and Help about Are Form 944 Pr References

Hello everybody it's Alex Davidson good evening it's evening here in Toronto another interesting question not so many people know how to answer is how with my employment credentials how would my employment references be checked and let us be very honest here we know where this question comes from because of course something has been modified in my employment or something has been adjusted to make sure that I fit in a certain occupation or the years have been added or something else right well reality is the reality not everybody's ideal but at the end of the day we're all striving to come to Canada so then people are coming to us asking how it would be checked what should be done to prepare for it and let us just briefly go through this situation case number one ideal one your references are prepared properly they are done by a professional they look professional they correlate exactly with your income with your bank statement with additional circumstances of your case because at the end of the day officers are looking at the whole picture making sure that these references they fit okay they fit in to your country's reality they feed into the average salary in your country they fit into the economical conditions now something raises a question name of an employer phone numbers etc etc it's not a big secret that visa officers are typically using open sources name it Google Yahoo whatever it is right that would be the step number one to verify your references so what they do they will double-check the phone numbers provided in your references versus those numbers which are listed on the company website which could be found in Google and guess what not necessarily those numbers would match say you are working in one branch and the headquarters of the company got the phone number on their website in another but at the end of the day yep it works May maybe maybe the visa officer would pick up a phone and dial the company to verify and usually what they would do they will pick up a phone and dial the number on the website not in your references now the phone phone call is made and still situation is not absolutely clear sometimes it makes it even more vague so every visa office in the world which is working with immigration they they usually have so called a a few anti-fraud unit that's the set of professionals that's dedicated with the officers who are working specifically with fraudulent cases or making sure that the cases are the fraudulent or not fraudulent these are specific professionals and these are people who are trained to work in a certain country to understand conditions cultural conditions as well or cultural peculiarities of a certain country to make sure that they will be able to say absolutely certain this reference is fine or not they usually start with the open sources as well they go on with a phone interview but that would be the absolutely complex phone interview so if they would dial your employer be absolutely sure that this phone call will be designed or tailored in a way to make sure that the person on the other side of the phone is the employer if it's a friend of yours if it's somebody else who is not trained or not ready to answer the questions it would be absolutely easy to find it out so say a questions are could be when was the last time the person was on vacations how many days was it okay what is the color of his or her chair if he sits close to you okay how does his or her desk look like would you be able please right now take a picture and send me his or her workplace it is quite possible okay how does your office look like because the officer will double-check it on Google Streetview and last but not least if that still does not satisfy the visa officer they might actually have the site visit I mean physical presence and mind you that happens quite often and so they will come in and have the interview on-site with the employer to make sure that the four actually works in there I can give you an example just from out of our work the person has actually provided the number which looked like a work number or an employer the employers number what the interpret unit did they actually two officers simultaneously dial the person's so-called working number and home number and what they found out the person is talking to a visa officer picking up a form and answering pretending to be an employer at the same time for instance the person says okay can you give me one second I got a second line voila right they found out the whole story and eventually of course the person has been rejected of course there are circumstances unfortunately where these officers might be wrong so say the interview of one interview did not went well or they were not satisfied or misunderstood the person on the second line and the case is rejected in this situation well feel free to come to us we will be able to help you out we will go through the appeal if necessary we can apply to the federal court and go through them but in the end of the day let's be honest preparation preparation and preparation guys proper preparation will probably secure you like 95% that there will be no additional steps from the visa officer side okay so if you need that preparation that initial foundation of your case if you're still at the early process come to us it's our job to make sure that the references your case they match each other that there are no discrepancies of course will not.

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