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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 944 Pr Pros

Instructions and Help about Are Form 944 Pr Pros

If you want to pump your body and expand your mind there's only one place to go mind with your hosts Sal de Stefano Adam Schaefer and Justin Andrews in this extra-long episode of mind pump sir long wind is so the first 50 minutes we just have our fun introductory conversation we don't talk too much about fitness but here's what we talked about in that first half first off we mentioned four sig Mattox mushroom matcha latte with how you say it dug maitake my talking is very much so good it's really good right matcha latte maitake is an adaptherb excuse me mushroom and Adam actually likes the way this one tastes finally I could I could talk about for sig Matic it said it feels good it's a feel-good one for sig Matic is one of our sponsors if you go to their website fo you are I am ATI c.com forward slash mind pump for sig Matic calm for slash mind pump and use the code mind pump at checkout you'll get 15% off your order then we talked about Adam and Taylor's romantic snowboard weekend we talked about thrive market and some of the snacks we like to purchase on there for ourselves and for our kids now thrive market is the largest online retailer of non-gmo organic products and skin care products and pet care products and household cleaning products it's actually an awesome website one stop shop they are one of our sponsors if you go to thrive market calm for - mind pump we will hook you up with one month free membership and 25% off your first order then we talked about the Manhattan retail space on what is that 5th Avenue it's people are leaving in droves what's going on is the storefront gonna become a thing of the past we talked about football we had a lot of sports talk here and I contributed I'm so proud we talked about the Patriots and their winning culture and then of course it got sad and we talked about the brain changes of kids who play one season of football dammit then we got into the fitness questions the first fitness question was do we believe that you can become addicted to food is it a myth its food addiction a myth or is it a real thing next question do we believe the hypothesis that humans are only meant to squat as much weight as they can clean and press over the head and put onto their back apparently some people are saying should not be able you shouldn't squat more weight than that we think they're wrong and the evidence is Justin's glutes hey hey hey look good look at them the next question is why is there a stigma around hypertrophy training in some athletics in particular mixed martial arts hypertrophy referring to bigger muscles not just stronger muscles not just better performing muscles but muscles that are actually bigger pulsating why is it some people are especially in mixed martial arts are saying don't get bigger it's not good for performance we have a good discussion there and the final question this person wants to know how we got so good at communicating why thank you is it because of practice this art was really long-winded are there books you can read and we went off on our awesomeness on that part also this month the flagship foundational workout program the most popular workout program that we have it's great for boosting your metabolism building muscle getting stronger maps' anabolic 50% off all you gotta do is go to maps fitness products calm and use the code read 50 re d50 nospace and you'll get 50% off it's also getting revamped so if you already have the program or and you've had it for a long time or if you enroll in it now at the 50% off you'll get updated as soon as the updated version comes out I'd also like to mention we have a lot of other fitness programs we have fitness programs for bodybuilders people who like to do unconventional type of training people who want correctional exercise because maybe they have aches and pains all of those programs can also be found at maps fitness products calm oh it's my favorite day well I gotta say there's not many reviews this week about 12 total between Facebook and iTunes oh crazy all right I don't know what's going on but I know how people can correct that people don't like free shit anymore well look your odds of winning a free mind pump t-shirt and let me tell you something now these t-shirts have been tested and have improved the strength in several or tell most bulletproof several of our test subjects don't test them on bullets and don't think you can lift more when you wear them I made that part up but they're really nice they're really nice t-shirts here's what you do go to Facebook go to the public mind pump page leave a review if we like it our judge Doug will decide you may win a free t-shirt all right and the winners are we have three winners to form iTunes one from facebook from itunes we have a coots 23 ATF 25 you say Coons different suits I feel like it says something else Facebook we've got Terry bass a gotto all of you are winners and the name I just read to iTunes at mine pump Mediacom send your shirt size your shipping address and include your Instagram Instagram handle and we'll get that shirt right out to you that is the first the first product of theirs what I like oh really yes I mean the taste for forcing matica yeah the taste yeah I know that we've talked about the product working yeah you like the effects it's the taste.

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