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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 944 Pr Partnership

Instructions and Help about Are Form 944 Pr Partnership

Tedx you know I tell you being a TEDx speaker being here all days pretty amazing it's a kind of a humility training you know just about the time you think maybe you made a difference in the world the next speakers up and so it's interesting as I travel around the world the big thing people are asking me is that I needed to know more about collaboration I think people are finally getting with the speed of change nowadays that you can't learn everything by yourself if you want to stay up-to-date you need to learn from other people and that people are finally getting that no one of us is as smart as all of us and so you might say well Blanchard you know you're going to talk to us about collaboration would what's your credentials well I've I've written over 50 books which I guess is not too bad for a guy that both of my professors told me in graduate school I couldn't write and they said if you want to be around a university you better be a college administrator could stuff with the publisher perish you'll never make it so it's no interesting I never forget my mom said to me one day she said Ken why don't you write a book by yourself and I have only written two books by myself and all the rest of them with other people at my 70th birthday party I invited all my co-authors to come together kind of for you know Tuesdays at Morey gathering you know and it was really kind of fun to spend a day and a half kind of sharing some of the simple truths that we had learned over the years and it was really a hoot but the biggest question people ask me is how could you collaborate with so many different people with different personalities and different egos and so what I want to do is share with you three collaborations that I've had this to maybe give you some thoughts about collaboration for yourself because I think all of us today need to be able to reach out to people around us and learn from them and then learn from from us my first job coming out of graduate school I was assistant to the Dean of the College of Business at Ohio University and when I got there the Dean said to me can II said I want you to teach a course now of course I never thought about teaching of course because of the publisher perish kind of thing because I don't care anything about that I want you to teach a course so I did and after about two weeks I came home to my wife Margie and I said you know this is what I ought to be doing this teaching is really fun she said well what about the writing I said I don't know I'll figure something out about that but at the same time that I came Paul her she had just come as chairman of the management department and he was kind of a rising star in the leadership area and I heard he taught a great leadership course so in the fall of 1966 I went up to Paul and I said boy I understand you teach a great leadership course do you mind if I sit in next semester and he said nobody ought it's my course so you want to take it for credit you're welcome and he walked away I thought that's really kind of nice in that you know I mean I had a PhD and he didn't and and he wants me to take his course so I went home of course for my chief adviser Margie and she said to me well is he any good as a teacher I say he's supposed to be great she said we'll get your ego out of the way and take his damn course so which is exactly what I did and I took the course and I wrote the papers with everybody else and in June 1967 after the course her she comes into my office and he says can ii said you know I've been teaching leadership for 10 years and I think I'm better than anybody but I can't write I'm a nervous wreck and they want me to write a textbook and I've been looking for a good writer like you oh isn't that great you know I almost laughed out loud but he had read my papers and I said well why don't we do it we ought to be a great team you can't write and I'm not supposed to why not why don't we do and so we wrote a textbook called management of organizational behavior that the students loved because her see I don't know any big words and and it just came out in its tenth edition and it sells more today that it did in 1960s unbelievable and so now what did I learned from that a couple of things I think you ought all think about don't let anybody else tell you what you can do or can't do if you've got a vision about what you want to do go for it have that vision you'll figure a way out to do it don't let anybody limit you and the other thing is that if you meet somebody who really wants to accomplish something and you also want to accomplish something and together you can do it wow that's a really powerful collaboration and Paul wanted to write this textbook so he could be promoted to full professor and I wanted to write something so I could become a professor and in fact it was interesting I went to the Dean and after the book came out and I said I quit as an administrator he said you can't.

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