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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 944 Pr Doesnt

Instructions and Help about Are Form 944 Pr Doesnt

You know I love having Jessie around the office she brings a lot of energy but you know he can get out of hand from time to time so you got to keep your eye on them Jesse Jesse Jesse Jesse Jesse dude that is disgusting that's gross seriously who taught you to jump rope like that with your elbows out to the side get them in closer closer come on man tighten it up there you go there you go nice job good job good job appreciate it anytime anytime I mean the good thing is he's a really fast learner so it makes my job a lot easier what's up guys jeff cavaliere athleanx.com you can you know I can't allow that in my gym that kind of form is miserable guys you know that for matters to me as a physical therapist I know how important form can be especially when it comes to keeping you healthy I mean I'm not the foreign police got a lot of people that are out there that want to be part of the foreign police and maybe they're even justified if they see stuff like maybe this like the rocking horse pull down you guys seen this one before right or maybe even the leaning tower this is actually something more I like to call the vertical bench press or the I might piss my pants squat right here we've seen this the quarter squat makes a little bit of like I think I'm going to urinate I got to make sure I hold it in or maybe even the wonderful hunchback when doing the one-arm row this one's a beauty or finally the one that I love the most let's go this is just I got to get my chin over that bar any which way I can and the pull up really doesn't matter anymore to me guys in any of these situations that is bad form and is getting you nowhere fast however I'm going to say this I think our attention to form is gotten a lot skewed not a little a lot skewed and I want to explain that here today you see if you look at form in a vacuum you're always going to probably make the wrong decision you're always going to become one of those form cops that thinks that form means everything but if you stop and think about what the surrounding elements are you're going to become a lot better at judging wind proper form is actually getting you closer to your goal so let's talk about that for instance let's say you have a temporary injury a temporary situation that's preventing you from doing an exercise in full range of motion because it's a big difference between the form of an exercise and the range of motion of a good exercise or properly performed exercise so if you take for instance the bench press the bench press did a whole video on how to actually keep the bench press if you haven't seen it whilst we include the link in the description down below the bench press has lots of different check points and one of them being lowering the bar down to your chest keeping your shoulder blades down and back don't have your feet up in the air have your feet down in contact with the floor however if you can't bench down to your chest because let's say you have a labrum issue right now or a rotator cuff impingement or a biceps tendinitis if you were to lower the range of motion in other words cut the range of motion in a third by a third and just go and work in the top range that is actually the prescription for how to start getting back to your full ability to do a properly perform bench press don't abandon all the proper elements of the bench press that were covered in that video shorten the range of motion so that you can work within a pain free range not to set new records in strength that will discuss that in a second but I'm saying just allow yourself to work in a pain-free range so you can start to increase that and get a little bit lower and a little bit lower and a little bit lower and before you know it you're going to be benching back in full form again and your shoulders going to be healthy the second thing is a long term chronic derangement something in your elbow bone chips really common I did a video back a couple years ago with CP Fletcher and he put me through the tricep gauntlet and there were some people bold enough to call out Ct Fletcher believe it or not I don't know who they are but they're both on call not said the guy had bad form Jeff you did great you were doing good form guys he's got bone ships again as a therapist I could tell you he's got bone chips in his elbow that literally prevent him from extending the final 15 to 20 degrees of his elbow it ain't happening you could take a sledge hammer and try to hit that elbow down and it's not going anywhere should he abandoned all elbow extension exercises therefore don't train your triceps that's not the answer so what you have to do in those cases you have to work with what you've got and in that case you abbreviate the range of motion but you still go for the best form that you have available to you and those exercises the next question that we have to look at is are you just doing abbreviating your form for ego purposes for ego lifting if you think that going to the top quarter of a benchpress because you can put on 380 pounds and monkey that bar up to the.

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