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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 944 Pr Blog

Instructions and Help about Are Form 944 Pr Blog

Hey Joe thanks for inviting me to lunch I got a rasp by a couple of cops on the way over but I'm here thanks for coming I really really think you're gonna like it here everyone loves it here that's a great place to be honest I'm not sure the concept behind this restaurant makes any sense at all I mean a democratic meal what does that even mean what are you kidding me it's the best idea ever I've never heard of a better idea for a restaurant ever okay by the way where's our server I haven't seen one since we got here oh you'll love this the service come out once an hour at exactly 11 minutes pass to find out what everyone wants to eat that way you know exactly when to show up place your order no waiting around if you show up at the right time what happens if you can't get off for lunch until quarter past why would anyone get a job where they can't make any time for lunch well Oh can I take your order gentlemen absolutely I have to sesame-crusted tuna with teriyaki stir-fry I'm sorry sir but that's not currently available no problem I have a coconut curry shrimp instead uh sorry sir but that's also unavailable how about the seafood chatter unavailable okay how about chicken Fettuccine Alfredo Oh take a parmesan nope spaghetti uh uh how about a girl cheese no really really okay how about you tell me what is veld on the menu is this a joke no sir this is your only chance to order so I suggest that you do so immediately fine I have a cheeseburger top with barbecue sauce and a couple slices of bacon yes sir it's a hamburger not a cheeseburger and it comes with standard toppings you have got to be and you sir I've been a pizza thank you gentlemen we'll announce the winner shortly wait what what do you say winner what oh he's gonna tell us which Dish won the most votes whichever dish one of those folks will be served everyone for today I can't wait to find out the results I'm sorry what did you just say what did you think we were doing or in food exactly no no no not exactly you're telling me that I may not get what I ordered at all yes but you'll give with the people on you're kidding me right please tell me you're joking or high or no I do not care about democracy it's sacred it's a pilot wait are you saying you're against the will of the people what the hell is the will that people have to do with my lunch what are you some kind of dictator wannabe who thinks everyone's have to eat what you order no I just want to be able to choose my own meal you did know I voted for an option that I have a 50/50 chance of actually getting um actually your chances are less than 50/50 pizza usually wins why do they even bother putting all those other choices on the menu anyway well in theory you can order anything you want here but since the dish is that usually a winner he feeds on our hamburgers they don't bother carrying any of the other stuff it would just be a way to resources this whole restaurant is a waste of resources I don't understand you at all this is a great system what would you suggest to replace it how would you have us do what everyone gets to eat we don't need a system to choose one meal for everyone to eat it would make much more sense to just let people choose their own meals individually you mean each person would get something different yes each person would get exactly what they felt like having that day sounds unfair what if you can't afford everything on the menu then you get something that you like that you can't afford yeah that definitely feels unfair to me ladies and gentlemen today's winner is pizza this is insane Ellen is a democracy.

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