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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 944 Pr Blog

Instructions and Help about Are Form 944 Pr Blog

Hey Joe, thanks for inviting me to lunch. I got stopped by a couple of cops on the way over, but I'm here. Thanks for coming, I really think you're gonna like it here. Everyone loves it here, it's a great place. To be honest, I'm not sure the concept behind this restaurant makes any sense at all. I mean, a democratic meal? What does that even mean? Are you kidding me? It's the best idea ever! I've never heard of a better idea for a restaurant. Okay, by the way, where's our server? I haven't seen one since we got here. Oh, you'll love this. The servers come out once an hour at exactly 11 minutes past to find out what everyone wants to eat. That way, you know exactly when to show up and place your order. No waiting around if you show up at the right time. What happens if you can't get off for lunch until a quarter past? Why would anyone get a job where they can't make any time for lunch? Well, can I take your order, gentlemen? Absolutely. I'll have the sesame-crusted tuna with teriyaki stir-fry. I'm sorry, sir, but that's not currently available. No problem, I'll have the coconut curry shrimp instead. Sorry, sir, but that's also unavailable. How about the seafood chowder? Unavailable. Okay, how about chicken Fettuccine Alfredo? Oh, take a parmesan. Nope. Spaghetti? Uh, how about a grilled cheese? No, really, okay. How about you tell me what is available on the menu? Is this a joke? No, sir, this is your only chance to order, so I suggest that you do so immediately. Fine, I'll have a cheeseburger topped with barbecue sauce and a couple of slices of bacon. Yes, sir, it's a hamburger, not a cheeseburger, and it comes...