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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 944 Pr Attach

Instructions and Help about Are Form 944 Pr Attach

Ah frustrating isn't it are you having a hard time rigging up your new slingshot well today we're gonna go over how to put on a new set of bands to the slingshots that I sell on my website as well as a natural fork slingshot I'm Zachary Fowler and you're watching Fowler's Maker you missed you all right so this is lesson 2 tying on and attaching your bands there is two different types or actually three different types of band installments with the slingshots that you purchased from my website and or an older making your own with maybe the bug off bottle here you can get on the website and make your own which is the same way you would attach them to the torque so we're gonna go over these but I'm gonna put the time right up here in the corner Music so if you bought the oculus the torque or the Scout or the hammer you can just skip right ahead to that time and watch about that one I think the easiest thing is I'm gonna start out with an oculus oculus is a slingshot that has rubber grommets I guess it were as it were I don't sure what the technical term is but grommet sounds good to me and each slingshot comes with an instructional booklet from simple shot about rigging your slingshot and I don't need that I'm just kidding we do need that but I already have it memorized so we are just gonna go right for it I'm gonna show you how to do this each slingshot comes with this little bag with the rubber pieces and those are what's gonna go in your holes here and hold your slingshot band in place right now this one has a black latex straight flat bands it's a fairly light band so when you get these these are good for you probably do some half-inch ammo but mostly like 3/8 ammo is what you want to be rigging with us this is was incidentally was my everyday carry up until recently when I switched over to the torque I love having slingshot my back pocket all the time right now I even got my torque right there in my pocket always ready to go you never know when you had a fun shot I got a little pouch here on my side with ammo so I could totally just bust it out and shoot a can somewhere or whatever just to be out and about and get that one about practice it's a great way to learn then said just always shooting at the range so we've got our paintings I'll show you zoom it in here there's the some bands tie ons that come with your pouches just in case you choose to tie it on now all oculus slingshots will be the same as far as this part and these pieces are not ammo so don't shoot those you press those down into the rubber now these are your stoppers that hold your band your bands onto your slingshot now with the oculus you can orientate your bands in multiple directions you put them always the bands come around the slingshot whether you shoot over the top your bands go like that they always go around round the side of the slingshot so let's say for this one so we want the band's to go over the top you lay it out with the pouch straight back from your slingshot with the inside the soft side of the pouch facing up I'll explain why in a second push the band through the hole and a little bit a little bit fold over maybe a eighth third quarter of an inch and stick the stopper basically in the hole once you have it pressed in firmly enough a little bit all you have to do to get this to seat is pull on the band and push on this with your thumb just a little bit you pull give it a little push and pull on the band it's hard to do it while showing it to you there we go the first time you rigged it it may be a little bit on the stiff side pushing it in and pulling so there's one and then lay it out on the other side so you can see that your pouch is soft side up the inside of the pouch same as the other side was pushing it through folding over tab of quarter of inch pushing the stopper push it into the hole and then pull on the band while pushing it into the hole at the same time it's kind of an awkward thing but it goes really well after you've done it once or twice alright so we've seeded our first set of band to know that we've done it right we notice something here this I put at my teeth so I could point it out to you the bands come over the top I put those on a little crooked but that's the nice thing about this you can straight now I put those on over the top and you see that there's a V here right the inside of the pouch is here where the ammo goes there's a V if you were to have done it wrong the pouch would be like this and you see how the Vans come over the top and it kind of creates an A for a as far absolutely wrong it causes it to go through the middle more when you're going over the top you always want it to be a be like this for victory that it goes that causes it to throw the the bands and everything over the top and the ammo over the top of the frame of the slingshot a little more smoothly and you're less likely to get.

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