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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 944 Pr Attach

Instructions and Help about Are Form 944 Pr Attach

Ah, frustrating, isn't it? Are you having a hard time rigging up your new slingshot? Well, today, we're gonna go over how to put on a new set of bands to the slingshots that I sell on my website, as well as a natural fork slingshot. I'm Zachary Fowler, and you're watching Fowler's Maker YouTube channel. Alright, so this is lesson 2 - tying on and attaching your bands. There are two different types, or actually three different types, of band installments with the slingshots that you purchased from my website or made on your own with maybe the bug off bottle. You can get on the website and make your own, which is the same way you would attach them to the torque. We're gonna go over these, but I'm gonna put the time right up here in the corner. So, if you bought the oculus, the torque, the Scout, or the hammer, you can just skip right ahead to that time and watch about that one. I think the easiest thing is I'm gonna start out with an oculus. Oculus is a slingshot that has rubber grommets, I guess it were, as it were, I'm not sure what the technical term is, but grommet sounds good to me. And each slingshot comes with an instructional booklet from Simple Shot about rigging your slingshot. And I don't need that, I'm just kidding, we do need that, but I already have it memorized so we're just gonna go right for it and I'm gonna show you how to do this. Each slingshot comes with a little bag with the rubber pieces, and those are what's gonna go in your holes here and hold your slingshot band in place. Right now, this one has black latex straight flat bands. It's a fairly light band, so...