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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 944 Pr Arent

Instructions and Help about Are Form 944 Pr Arent

What's up guys jeff cavaliere athleanx.com so do me a favor check out this clip of me doing a concentration curl and see if you get spot what I'm doing wrong now guys if you're somebody that has watched my 24 second fix video you might be thinking he's going too fast on the eccentric portion of lifts and I'm gonna tell you right now that's actually not what it is and some people might say well I've been following this channel long enough I know Jeff doesn't even like the concentration curl we're gonna get to that in a minute I'm talking about the curl itself can you spot what I'm doing wrong okay so if you can't guys I'm gonna show you what you need to do when you're doing concentration curls if you're going to do them again we're going to address that in a second when we talk about the concentration curl people will do exactly what I was showing you here they'll curl here and then down and then they'll come up here and then down now but purpose of doing the concentration curl is what people will argue that is to get a complete contraction on the biceps to feel the biceps contracting to give you better my muscle connection if you have a problem with your biceps in that way and a lot of people do actually so if that's the argument I'm gonna show you where some of the major flaws are with that first of all if they're doing them like this which I see a lot of people do that's a major mistake because the position of the elbow is the first thing we want to concentrate on you can't be resting your elbow here on your thigh and going down like this you literally are creating a seesaw effect when the weight comes down this side it almost Springs the weight back up again and a seesaw effect back and forth over the thigh so whatever weight you think your Whitly are lifting here you're actually lifting a lot less because of that mechanical advantage speaking of mechanical advantages if you're going to do it the proper way you think you're going to take your elbow you're gonna put it on the inside of your leg you know better you're not going to rest it on top saying no better you put it right here and now you start curling I'm gonna raise my arm up here so you can see something very important they're gonna do this now the reason why that's a problem firstly is because they're actually now taking that elbow and they're using it for leverage the elbow is actually pushing into the and by pushing into the thigh it's giving me leverage to lift this weight now if you don't believe that's actually happening all you have to do is look at the involvement here on the side and front delt when I get to the hardest part and the range of motion here which is the midpoint why does that happen because when it's most difficult which is right here then my delt has to sort of kick in to help me to push this up right the delts are push air up being becoming active because I'm pushing my arm into an immovable object which is my leg and that's helping to then get some leverage in the opposite direction it's the same concept as when we're doing a lap pull down and you're pulling down or pulling up with your legs right pull your legs up into the seat and pull down that's good because you're using your legs for a muscle group up in your upper body but when we're using leverage here of a muscle that's right here and oftentimes too involved in a curl that becomes a problem right there right next to each other so it's a different scenario than that lat pulldown so then what you would say is well then I can't do that I got to get my elbow off of my thigh put the back of my arm the tricep up here against the inside of the thigh and then curl from there and now I'm doing the right thing but we got to go back to what we said in the beginning what was the purpose to get a complete bicep contraction and to have the most tension in that contracted state well if you get the elbow flexion and you get the supination here and you come to the top look at the dumbbell is actually this line here this form is almost parallel with the downward force of gravity that's acting on this dumbbell meaning I could get if I got completely parallel I could stay here for a very long period of time so even though I'm in a more contracted state of the biceps I don't have as much tension here because again the forces are parallel to each other the forearm here and the force of gravity coming straight down so what we want to do is we want to have it that where we're in this fully contracted state that we have the gravity acting is much down on a perpendicular forearm as possible and we can do that by changing where we put our arm so instead of having it down on the thigh here we're gonna say tell you right out you got to take your junk move it a little bit this way guys okay so that you can clear some room right down in the middle really in this really high up inner groin area so again whatever you got to do to do that Jesse just he just blows and it all goes over that way some guys have to forcefully move a little bit more whatever you have to do take care of it and that put your arm.

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